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Welcome to 

Behind Tamaris bakery, hiding before all,  a fan of sweets.
Cakes, cookies, icecream whatever, i love sweets.
And i love baking, I started to baking when i was 12 years old, it's my passion.
My passion to delight my family with new recipes every day.
My acquaintance with French cuisine began eight years ago, when I came to France
And from the first moment, i fall in love of their desserts.


Living at FRANCE,  allow me to explore more about their perfect delicous cakes and i learned, that it's not complicated to make ,like i thought. it migh be 
What  i do found is how much important are the tools.
There are powerful tools that save time and the resultes are amazing.

Well, from there Tamaris bakery born this year . The site focuses on recipes and their tools on the french pastry.

My goal is to give you all under the same roof, recipes and tools. Instead of looking for a kitchen tools, you will choose your recipe and the tools that you need.

What is that mean?
We always look for new recipes. We want to delight our family and friends. why not? But do you know which tools to buy for each recipe? Do you know the best tool that transform your dessert to a profssional dessert even without any skills? Those tools are powerful and make all the diffrent between "it's ok" and "it's stunning what i've done".
So, how it works?
Simply! you choose your favorite dessert, save your recipe and pick the tools that you need. You will have a discount if you will take the all tools offer.
What if you don't need all of the basket tools? No problem, at the same category,you can choose the tools that you still need for this recipe.
Wheather you are exprience home baker, someone that never baked before or maybe you are looking for a gift to love baker, here you will find all.
Do you need help? Have a question or just prefer to order by mail, Please contact us  here and we will be happy to assist you.


Start Shopping from here. and start to delight your family today.

Enjoy from our shopping concept & service exprience !